Starship Samudram

Earth is dying. Starship Samudram, carrying a crew of 1000 people, travels to Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Their mission is to colonize it. But they are not aware of the secret hidden behind Titan's thick atmosphere. Something lurks within the very elements of this enigmatic world and waits for their arrival.

Titan surface

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The Lighthouse in Space

Engineer Calwin is assigned to the Lighthouse In Space against his choice. There was no other replacement. The previous Engineer's sudden and mysterious death left no other choice.

But Calwin already wants to embrace death, unable to cope up with the loss of his wife. The mysterious woman on the Lighthouse, however, does not want him to die.

The mysterious woman Calwin can see only in his dreams.

Very soon, his grasp on reality is shattered when he realizes that he's caught between two intelligences far greater than him. Two intelligences that both want to control him.

Lighthouse in Space

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